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17 Jul DIY Backyard Firepits

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to invite friends and family over and gather around the fire pit. They’re great for making s’mores and they give you that great outdoors feeling in the comfort of your own backyard! I’m definitely planning on making my own this year. Here’s 33 DIY fire pit ideas and tutorials to help you get those DIY juices flowing…

Check these ones out from DIYcozyhome.com and they come with instructions!

#1   Paver Fire Pit

fire pit

#2   Large Square Fire Pit

fire pit 2

#3   Deep, Round Fire Pit

Fire pit 3

#4   Different Sized Paver Fire Pit

fire pit 4

 #5   Propane Fire Pit from Copper Fittings and a Flower Pot

fire pit 5

 #6   Fire Pit on a budget

fire pit 6

 #7   DIY Better Homes and Gardens Fire Pit

fire pit 7

 #8   Adorable Fireless Fire Pit  (perfect for a kid’s room!)

fire pit 8

 #9   Fire Pit with Fireplace Glass

fire pit 9

 #10   Fire Pit in a Bowl

fire pit 10

 #11   Rectangular Stone Fire Pit

fire pit 11

#12   Fire Pit Planter 

Floral Fire Pit

#13   Eco-Friendly Fire Pit

fire pit 13

 #14   Fire Pit from an Old Washing Machine Drum

fire pit 14

#15  Brick Fire Pit

fire pit 15

 #16   Upcycled Fire Pit

fire pit 16

#17   Recessed Fire Pit

fire pit 17

#18   Gas Fire Pit

fire pit 18

 #19   Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

fire pit 19

 #20   Brick and Cement Fire Pit

fire pit 20

#21   Fire Pit Table

fire pit 21

 #22   Table Top Fire Pit

fire pit 22

#23   Concrete Fire Pit

fire pit 23

 #24   Wash Pail Fire Pit

fire pit 24

#25   Round, Brick Fire Pit

fire pit 25

#26  Fire Pit with Walkway

Walkway Fire Pit

 #27   Brick Paver Fire Pit

fire pit 27

 #28   Fire Pit with Barbecue Grill

fire pit 28

 #29   Modern Fire Pit

fire pit 30

 #30   Quick and Easy Fire Pit

fire pit 31

#31   In the Ground Fire Pit

fire pit 32

 #32   Square Fire Pit

Square Fire Pit

 #33   Modern Wood and Cement Fire Pit

Modern Fire Pit


What’s YOUR favorite fire pit idea?

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